Zhejiang Tonoch Electronics Co., Ltd. is a large-scale high-tech enterprise with import and export rights. The company is located in the beautiful Cixi coastal area, the company's products are exported to all over the world. The company adheres to the principle of win-win, and sincerely invites the elite to join in to provide a platform and broad development space for all kinds of talents to make full use of their talents.

Recruitment Position Education Number Of Recruits Age Release Date
Industrial DesignerUnlimited1 people30-452020-08-17
Industrial Designer: 1, 30-45 years old, male or female, excellent industrial design graduates preferred, specific interview.
Structural engineerUnlimited1 people30-452020-08-17
Structural engineer: 1, 30-45 years old, male or female, familiar with audio industry, structural engineer is preferred, specific interview.
Electronic EngineerUnlimited3 people30-452020-04-13
Electronic Engineer: 3, 30-45 years old, male or female, familiar with audio industry, electronic engineer is preferred, specific interview.
StorekeeperUnlimited1 people25--402020-04-13
Warehouse keeper: 1, male or female, 25-40 years old, 3500-4500 yuan / month, with more than 1 year working experience of warehouse keeper, and specific interview.
Research and Development Major1 people35--502020-04-13
R & D Manager: 1, male or female, 35-50 years old, majored in electronics, with more than 7 years of working experience, single leave, salary: annual salary system, specific interview.
Foreign trade salesmanCollege Degree10 people23--352020-04-13
Foreign trade salesman: 10, male or female, aged 23-35, college degree or above, fluent in spoken foreign language, proficient in e-mail receiving and sending, business documentary work experience; CET-4 or above (excellent fresh graduates are also allowed), (base salary + commission).

Fringe Benefits

1) A buffet style canteen is provided for three meals a day (good food);
2) The company provides dormitory, dormitory 24-hour hot water, independent toilet;
3) Free WiFi, washing machine;
4) Train the staff regularly;
5) Holiday welfare and birthday welfare;
6) The company has free shuttle bus from Ningbo City to the company.
Location: 1111 Jinhai Road, Cixi Binhai Economic Development Zone